Cupcake without the Calories – Cupcake Masquerade

I have been invited to a masquerade ball. I envision extravagant gowns, a mysterious venue with dark corners and lots of alcohol, all masked in mischief. But when I look online for masks, I am not pleased. Not only are they pieces of crap and excessively overpriced lack lustre in appearance, but none exude the sense of playfulness that I would like. Time to bring out the DIY guns, yeah! Let me introduce my cupcake mask: I actually ended up making two masks, this and another slightly conventional one (separate tutorial to come!). This idea was inspired by something similar I saw a while ago… I think it must have been from Facebook, but I can’t be too sure.

Read on for instructions:


  1. Grab your sunglasses and pop out the lenses. This was actually a bit tougher than I expected and I got a few (harmless) cuts. I’m sure there are more efficient ways of doing this but I just pressed on the backs of them and out they came.
  2. Sorry, couldn’t help drawing a face here 🙂
  3. Now you want to trace the inside of your glasses, where your lens where. This is so you fit your mask to your glasses perfectly.
  4. Draw a cupcake-shaped base around your lens.
  5. Cut out your cupcake base and see how it fits on your glasses. If you like it, move on to the next step.
  6. Using your cut out, trace around it onto another piece of card/paper. I used two different patterns, so I flipped the card I was drawing on and traced on the back (you might want to do this regardless if you are using the same or different paper, so that the shape of both cupcake bases will fit the frames correctly).
  7. Put them together and ensure that they look even-ish (sorry, couldn’t resist adding another face)

  8. Place your cupcake base cut outs onto a piece of paper/card that you’d like to use for the icing. I chose pink because it was the only colour I could find, but it’d be fun if you could have two different colours. Draw your icing and cut out.
  9. This is optional but it’s where you can do some fun things – I decided to use a pigment to give my cupcakes a slight sheen. You could do anything here! Glitter, paint etc
  10. I added real 100’s & 1000’s (aka sprinkles) by layering a thick layer of glue and then shaking them onto the card. They stuck on surprisingly well. I actually wanted to sew on small beads, but I couldn’t find any multi-coloured ones. (Note: if you want to use real sprinkles, be aware that the colour will run if you glue them on and try to adjust them. Also, they may possibly grow mould – just warning.)
  11. Now see how they look on your cupcake bases!

  12. Now see how they look on your cupcake bases!
  13. Wait for them to dry…

  14. Using a hot glue gun, stick your cupcakes to your glasses (Note: I added a red cherry to each of my cupcakes by this point. Sorry, didn’t document it).



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