A Christmas gift. Pt 1:

Last year I took part in the Reddit Secret Santa, a global gift giving bonanza. Reddit is pretty cool and they do all types of exchanges (snacks, books, mugs, you name it). In 2011, they were awarded a Guiness World Record for the largest online Secret Santa! That means that I have an official Guiness World Record for participating. I can even receive the certificate if I want. Woo, life goal #39 complete!

If you haven’t heard of Reddit check it out, it’s really neat.

Anyway, for my secret santa last year, I made this:


I wanted to do something I would have loved to receive – I have seen many cool gifts on Reddit, so wanted to join the bandwagon (and secretly hope that someone would give me an equally cool present – sadly this was not the case).

I’m really pleased that he enjoyed it! You can read his reaction here.

Just wanted to share some cool DIY gifts. More to come (probably posted after the holidays.. don’t want to give any clues away to friends :))


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